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The Philosophy of a Breakup
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The Lighter Side of Breaking Up
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Your Breakup Look and Fashion Guide

In the fridge: Chocolate pudding, beer, wine, cheesecake

In the medicine cabinet: Sleep and just keep sleeping pills; Emotional Pain Reliever; aspirin (for ice cream headache); vitamin C for hangover; unused tooth brush; tissues

In the cosmetic bag: Hair dye (intended to make your ex sorry they ever left beautiful you); under-eye dark circle concealer; waterproof mascara (so you don't look like a raccoon when you cry your eyes out); eye-brow tweezers (to take your mind off of your emotional pain)

The breakup look that's in this season:

In the closet (more than two of each one as you never plan on washing clothes ever again): Baggy sweats; oversized tees; raggy robe; the new, sleazy clothes you bought on that "I'll show them!" whim (intended to make your ex sorry they ever left beautiful you)

Breakup fashion guide:

Hair: Unkempt; unwashed; 2-inch-long root growth of unbecoming natural hair color. Long hair is preferred as you can stick it in a ponytail and forget about it for days.

Face and body: Unshaven; deodorant-free; bloated

Clothing: Clothing should be dirty and wrinkled or appear slept-in; clothes should be oversized and hang loosely on the body.

Breakup accessories: Sunglasses (hide dark circles and red, puffy eyes); ponytail holders and/or big floppy hat (to tie hair back or hide unkempt, dirty hair); furry, floppy slippers; oversized backpack (to drag your issues around with you everywhere you go)

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