How to Write Sorry Letter to Girlfriend

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How to Write Sorry Letter to Girlfriend

How to Write Sorry Letter to Girlfriend

When learning how to write sorry letter to girlfriend, keep in mind that this is NOT the time to point fingers, blame, or insult her. That only cancels out everything you are sorry about and says that you are justifying your behavior. A sorry letter to girlfriend should be just that. A letter that says I am sorry. I apologize. I was wrong. Also, don't think that just because you write sorry letter to girlfriend that she will magically not be hurt or angry anymore. This will take time. Don't expect miracles to appear just because you wrote her a letter of apology, you took all the blame, and you gave her your heartfelt sorrys and regrets. Fixing the damage you may have caused will take time. You messed up. You can't juts erase a screw up by writing a  'sorry letter'.

Taken from member's post at the Lifted Hearts BREAK UP SUPPORT Community:

Hon, you seem to have the whole thing all mapped out... Monday will come, she will text you, you will text her back, you will email her this heart-wrenching apology letter, you will feel all better, a rainbow will appear in your back yard. I'm sorry, but it's just not going to happen that way. This is something you've dreamed up in hopes of regaining contact. From what you described, you pestered her mercilessly trying to get her to take you back before to no avail. I'm just not convinced that your letter will do anything other than make things worse. This is not the time to point out any of her flaws. If and when she agrees at giving a relationship another chance, those issues can be talked about. I learned an extremely helpful phrase to use when talking to someone about their behaviors without shaming them. You preface any comments with "this is not about your value or worth as a person, this is about your behaviors." You're not at a point where this should be coming up though. So wait on that.

How to Write Sorry Letter to Girlfriend

I'm sorry for the pain, the hurt, the torment and the sorrow that I caused you.
I'm sorry for not letting you in.
I'm sorry for not sharing with you my innermost thoughts, dreams, fears and feelings.
I'm sorry for not respecting you enough.
I'm sorry for not giving you the reassurance that you asked for.
I'm sorry for my silence when you wanted to talk.
I'm sorry for not communicating with you the way you wanted me to.
I'm sorry for not trusting you enough to open myself up to you.
I'm sorry for letting my fears ruin our friendship, our bond, our love and the best relationship I ever had.
I'm sorry for making you feel that you weren't good enough for me.
I'm sorry for giving up on you, on me and on us.

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