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Why Do Women Break Up With Men

Why Do Women Break Up With Men

By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru

women break up with men What are some of the reasons why women break up with men?

Well, to begin with, most people - be it woman or man - will break up with someone because somewhere, somehow the relationship wasn't making them happy. Perhaps they weren't getting their needs met, or perhaps their partner had some serious issues, personality disorder, or undesirable character that made them unhappy with being in the relationship with that particular person.

Usually women will break up with men for different reasons. There really isn't one reason why women break up with men. As explained in the report, Why Women Dump Men, there are many issues that affect a woman's happiness with her man.

Some of these factors may be his personality. Other factors may have to do with how she makes him feel about herself. Men fall in love with a woman that makes him feel good about who he is, and women do the same. If a man somehow makes a woman not feel good about herself she will not want to be around him. So, if you ask yourself 'why do women break up with men' you can say because he did not make her feel good about herself.

Why do women break up with men? - ah, if there were just only one answer to that question all our problems would be solved! Some women break up with men because he wasn't exciting. Some women break up with men because he didn't rule the relationship the way she thought a real man would. Please check out Women Really Do Love Bastards! for more information on that.

If you are the man who is desperately trying to find out the answer to why do women break up with men - or rather, why did she break up with you - you have to stop and really address what those issues are that might have caused her to break up with you. I think that deep-down inside you probably have the answer. Armed with that knowledge you should try to address those issues about you that are undesirable to ensure that you have the best possible relationships in the future.

For more help please visit 'Why Women Dump Men'.

Article brought to you by Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru

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