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Unfaithful Cheating Wife Signs

unfaithful cheating wifeUnfaithful Cheating Wife Signs

BEWARE: Many of these unfaithful cheating wife signs may also be her way to 'revitalize her marriage', or gain back YOUR attention!

· A clear sign of an unfaithful cheating wife is when your partner, who at one time talked about (mentioned) another often suddenly stops mentioning their name all together! On the opposite end of that scale could be a sudden and large increase in how often that other person is mentioned before the onset of the affair..."Tom said to me today..." "Oh, that reminds me, you know what happened to Tom once, don't you...?" "Tom really cracked me up at the office this morning. He was standing by the ...." and then a sudden drop in mentioning his name again.

· a sudden jealousy of you (you don't think to look under the bed unless you've been there yourself!)

· wears more cosmetics

· purchases new perfumes

Unfaithful Cheating Wife Signs Continued...

· wears more, or purchases, sexy bras or panties

· an unfaithful cheating wife may suddenly finds faults in you, belittles you, or picks fights

· change in how she treats you. For instance, she may be mad or angry at you, or maybe even overly nice to you

· takes up exercise, aerobics or running

· hides phone conversations

· hides cell phone bills

· hides credit card bills

· changes the passwords on her computer or to her email accounts

· hides her laundry

· leaves town to visit 'relatives', or spend a weekend away with the 'girls' from the office

· accuses you of being jealous, insecure, etc.

Unfaithful Cheating Wife Signs Continued...

· loses trust in YOU! (If you can't trust yourself, than whom can you trust?)

· changes hair color or style

· diets

· purchases new clothes

· conversations with you alter from their usual style (they may become more general, 'dinner table' style, less intellectual, or even more intellectual, etc)

· keeps car cleaner than usual

· smells of men's cologne

· radio station in her car is not tuned to a station she normally would listen to

· kitchen items, such as spices, pans, etc, missing (she could be cooking him meals at his place)

· not hungry during dinner time (could have already eaten elsewhere)

· an unfaithful cheating wife may act distant

· works late hours

Unfaithful Cheating Wife Signs Continued...

· sudden increase in self esteem

· sudden increase in self confidence

· stops doing domestic things such as sewing, decorating, changing the furniture around

· stops buying you socks, shorts, etc (if, in the past, it were common for her to have done such buying for you)

· more or less maternal to her children

· inquires about marital assets

· more frequent showers

· wants less sex / more sex / or wants to 'experiment' with different positions or techniques

· calls you for no reason while you are at work (could be making sure you're not on your way home, or out anywhere where you might have 'spotted her')

Unfaithful Cheating Wife Signs Continued...

· an unfaithful cheating wife may have a sudden interest in body appearance (obsessed with tanning, removing body hair, manicure/pedicure, etc)

· has new behavior

· has stopped pointing out that she is unhappy with certain things in your relationship

· daydreams

· an unfaithful cheating wife may have lame alibis for absences

· you keep explaining to yourself why she would never cheat

Unfaithful Cheating Wife Signs Continued...

Excerpt taken from the article Why Women Cheat...

The so-called experts are getting nervous!
"Why Women and Wives Cheat"
Understanding the Answers Behind Women's Infidelity
written by Tigress Luv

why women cheatFind Out the REAL Reason
Why Women and Wives Cheat

Let me be frank with you: I am a woman, through and through - and I know the real truth behind why women do what they do - even more than most women themselves do! And YOU can find out these truths in just a matter of three minutes from now! 

This is a must read insider's look for every man whose woman or wife has cheated on him, and for every woman who wants to learn the real reasons behind her own infidelity! If you don't find the real reason behind the infidelity here, then the reason simply doesn't exist - and we know that is just about impossible! And if you don't read this material, the infidelity will most likely occur again, and again, and again! Read more here.

Article brought to you by Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru

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