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The After Breakup Encounter

First encounter early on in the breakup:

They notice things about the other for the first time since they met, but pretend to not notice. This is the ouch encounter where both go home and cry their eyes out til the sun comes up

Second encounter weeks later:

May pass polite conversation. He asks about the dog, she asks how things are at work.

Third encounter, moving on stage:

Slam dunk. Back to square one. The grieving starts all over again. And just when you thought you were moving on.

Fourth encounter, moved on to new relationship:

She wonders what she ever saw in him. He wonders if she is having sex with the new guy.

Breakup Grief -vs- Over It and Moved On

Breakup Grief
REMORSE: All of a sudden noticing that your ex was wonderful and being in awe that they were so good-looking, funny, witty, smart, and a great catch.

Over It and Moved On
RELIEF: All of a sudden noticing that your ex is an idiot and being in awe that you ever thought they were good-looking, funny, witty, smart, or a great catch.

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