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Teenage Break Up Poems Teenage Break Up Poems

Love Only In My Dreams

Todays finally over,

Another day without you,

Twenty four hours of questioning,

If we're really through.

You say you still love me.

I trust it's true.

Yet, I still sit and cry,

All because of you.

Your my first love found.

Your my first love lost.

I cherish the time spent together.

Priceless, without cost.

As I lie here in bed,

You still haunt my mind.

Forever in my heart,

Will you be confined.

So I drift into slumber,

Accompanied by you.

I can't see your face,

Yet, I feel as if I do.

I dreamt the sweet dream,

The one I always do.

The one with you a part of my life.

The one I need to be true.

I guess you could look at it,

As another day without you,

But the way I see it,

It's another day closer till my dream comes true.

By: John B

Teenage Break Up Poems

Love Candle

this is the second time I ever cried for a guy

but this time it wasn't cause of a lie

this is real

and this pain I gotta deal

when I was young I didn't know

but now I understand and everything shows

this is why people say goodbye

and in our lives, they go out and die

just like a candle that burns

it was him that made my life turn

but now the light is gone

but that doesnt mean everything is wrong

she got him, and he got her

and it is them that me it'll cure

too see him more happier with her

by  Lissa K.

Teenage Break Up Poems

Don’t Need You

I don’t need you in mah life no more.
Don’t come back cuz I aint gonna open up the door.

You had your chance you blew it off
But that aint mah fault.

Telling me you loved me and needed me
Stupid me that actually believed was true.

How could you be so cruel?

I have no problem admitting you did play for a fool
But that aint gonna happen again.

Don’t need you in mah life
All the stress

All the problems you caused
I can live without you I’ve done it for fourteen years

And look how good I turn out
Don’t need you bringing me stress
And making me depressed

You a fool if you think ima take you back
So long, be gone don’t want to hear from you again
Bye have fun.

Hope you find some one new
Sooner or later you will get your heart broken too

~Ana M.

Teenage Break Up Poems


it's over

what happened baby?

is it really over?

because of some stupid girl

you said we were stronger than that


tomorrow will be different

she will be gone

will you think of me?

all I ever wanted was to be yours

maybe I will never be good enough

~Keeley J.

Teenage Break Up Poems

My First Date

We pull up to the house,
we get out of the car,
everyone's already there,
they had been drinking by far.

We walked up
and greeted all of our friends,
we grabbed a couple beers
and asked how they'd been.

You mingled with yours,
I mingled with mine,
they told me to catch up
so I downed all the wine.

Some shots of tequila
were then passed my way,
I downed them all,
not caring what you'd say.

"Slow down" I then thought,
"you're drinking too much,
you're going to get out of control
and flirty to every touch."

Did I listen to myself?
No, I continued to drink,
I was having fun I thought,
I don't care what you think.

Then one after another
I finished my beers,
I got flirty and loud
and forgot all my fears.

The flirting grew
with the more that I drank,
I didn't know you were watching,
so I got drunk and I sank.

I continued to flirt
with this really cute guy,
I was drunk and unaware
that you were watching nearby.

The flirting grew strong
and got out of hand,
then you said it's time to leave
and I tried to stand.

I stumbled and fell
trying to make my way to the car,
it didn't hit me yet
that I messed up with you by far.

We drove off in a hurry
in order to beat the cops,
we drove forever
without any stops.

As we drove forever
I could tell you were mad,
I was too drunk to talk,
all I felt was sad.

You lied to me
when I asked you what's wrong,
you said it was me
and how I couldn't handle alcohol.

But that wasn't the case,
that wasn't the truth,
I didn't know what to do,
I knew I was going to lose you.

I had just got you back
after all we've been through,
how could you let something this small
ruin me and you?

You poured your heart out to me
and told me everything you felt,
I felt my heart drop
and my feelings melt.

I was so hurt
by the things that you said,
you then pushed me away
and downhill is where I head.

Will you ever forgive me
for this I will never know,
I've gone through so much with you
I don't know if my heart will grow.

So here we are
separated again,
we wont see each other,
we're barely even friends.

How much more of this
I don't know I'll be able to take,
I'm starting to become
something unreal and fake.

You know I care for you,
you were my first love,
when it comes to my feelings for you
I choose all of the above.

Time will now come
and here again I wait,
for you to come to me
and be my first date.

By Shelby

Teenage Break Up Poems

My Love Story

I've had my heart broken many times before

I felt like it had been smashed down on the cold floor

It took me forever to get over all that pain

I didn't want to love again but that effort was in vain

I fell in love with a sweet boy but nobody ever knew

Kept it all a secret fearing what the others might do

We truly loved each other I hoped it wouldn't end

But sadly after summer my life had to take a bend

I left that boy who holds my heart and now it hurts so much

I miss everything about this boy from his sweet eyes to his gentle touch

I left knowing that things would never be the same

But I never realized the extent of all the agonizing pain

I feel as if my life has come crashing to the ground

At night I cry myself to sleep hardly making any sound

At school I act around my friends like everythings okay

I dont want them to see what I put up with every single day

The boy I love is doing fine without me in his life

I on the other hand feel like my hearts pierced by a knife

I hear of all the fun I'm missing with my old friends up there

I sometimes want to say something but fear they will not care

I feel so lonely and totally left out

And I feel that all I can do is sit here and pout

I know I can't change the way my life has been

But it always seems it's only me who can never win

By: Madeline S.

Teenage Break Up Poems

Now That You're Gone

When you said it was over

I couldn't believe my ears

How could all of our love

Bring me to tears

It just hurts me so much

That you have moved on

I'm having trouble

Believing you're gone

I've been thinking it over

All I've gone through with you

How come you don't love me

The Way that I do?

I needed you so much

You made life worth while

I remember the good times

You'd make me laugh and smile

It seemed like my dreams

All were coming true

My life was so perfect

Just because of you

Now that you're not here

Your image surrounds me

I hate that I never

was really meant to be.

By: Mary E

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