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Catching a Cheating Boyfriend - BUSTED, ASSHOLE!

Caught Cheating: Table For Two? Three? Four?

jerk stood upWe met on a dating site, and hit it off like fireworks!! He was unbelievable; too good to be true! Handsome, charming, sweet, attentive; he had it all. And then some. It didn’t take long before I sensed that he was a player, and even though he’d told me he no longer needed the dating sites since he had ME, well, I then KNEW I had a rat on my hands. I even asked him if he were seeing anyone else, and he gazed into my eyes and said, “YOU, my beauty, are the love of my life.” I was flattered; until I remembered he was full of shit.

Naturally I went back to the dating site we met on, using an alias, and there he was, just as I suspected. I made myself very available, very sexy, irresistible, and the idiot took the bait. I cleverly lead him on until he was about to burst. I could almost hear his heart pounding; he was truly in love with my alter-ego!! After a couple of months of twisting him into a pretzel, I wrote yet another sexy, sultry email, this time suggesting we go away for a romantic getaway, and he went wild; FINALLY he was going to get some from HER …the “HER” who was ME!

A day or two later, he came to my place for dinner, which I’d set up to be romantic and sexy. I looked HOT. He looked shocked; he’d been acting giddy for weeks due to my alias-dream-girl, but now looking at me in my tight, thigh high dress and 3” pumps, he only had eyes for me. I asked him what he wanted to do this weekend, and he told me he had a business trip, but grabbed me around the waist and whispered, “I’ll try to cancel.” I giggled and told him that dinner would be ready in a little while. “I’m just going to slip into something a little more comfortable, Baby, is that okay with you?”, I said in a pussycat voice. He was visibly VERY excited. Completely ready to throw me down on the floor; I laughed wickedly.

He used to use my computer, probably to snoop around, so when I headed for the bedroom, he asked if he could use it while he waited for me. “Sure”, I purred back, knowing I’d left a minimized email for him and hoping he would read it. I put on my ugliest bathrobe, tossed my hair into a ponytail, wiped off my makeup and snuck back into the living room via the kitchen to grab ‘dinner’, and waited for the big moment.

Sure enough, he opened the email and saw all the correspondence that he’d had with his ‘dream woman’.

In big bold black letters I’d written, BUSTED, ASSHOLE!!!!! Our romantic getaway this weekend is CANCELLED, JERKOFF, AND SO ARE WE!

White as a ghost and with his shrivelled tail tucked between his legs, he glanced at me sheepishly as he picked up his jacket and walked out. I smiled and waved my spoon at him, then got back to the REAL MEN IN MY LIFE; Ben and Jerry; and flipped on the tv as Desperate Housewives started. What a DELICIOUSLY DESERVED dinner! Yum!

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