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How to Survive a Breakup

In the world of relationships, perhaps there are little things that are more difficult than the breakup. For most people, it’s really hard surviving a breakup, especially if the reason for the breakup is really severe, or if there are a lot of hard feelings or resentment that has built up between the two people involved in the relationship.        

However, contrary to a lot of chick flicks, surviving a breakup isn’t as hard as most movies would portray. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of ways on how to survive a breakup without having to run away for some soul searching, making huge changes in your life or your lifestyle, or basically putting your life in for a complete overhaul.

The first step in surviving a breakup is knowing why the breakup even occurred in the first place. It won’t do anyone good if you try to deny yourself the reasons behind the breakup. Sometimes, this step may require you to have to talk to your ex again, which may be painful, but wouldn’t you rather take that few moments of pain to find out the truth, rather than the indefinite stretch of time that you would face where you torture yourself with the “why”?

The second step that you have to take is that you have to find ways to distract yourself from the fact that you and your lover have broken up. The problem with being with a person is that they tend to influence a lot of areas in your life, even little areas that you don’t really notice. You could suddenly remember that they made you read some new author that you never tried before while you are walking in a bookstore, or you might remember that you tried new foods together at some trendy new restaurant. You have to actively avoid places that you know will remind you of your lover, while at the same time not give into the tidal wave of bad feelings that you will undoubtedly get whenever you suddenly remember the times that you shared. Make sure that you keep yourself busy with other things.

Don’t forget to let those negative emotions out. Again, no good would come from keeping all those emotions bottled up inside you, and you’ll probably implode on yourself in the long run. You just can’t survive a breakup by denying it to even your own heart. Get some trusted friends, go find an activity that you consider fun, or make a way where you can just spew and rant to them. Just make sure that however you choose to take out those bad feelings, it’s not harmful to those around you, or self-destructive.

You will find the very best insightful breakup survival advice ever at Tigress Luv’s site – or by reading some of her Daily Breakup Inspirations. These inspirations make surviving a breakup possible. And they’re FREE!

The last thing to know on how to survive a breakup is that it’s perfectly natural to find yourself missing the person every now and again. After all, it’s not easy to just let go of a part of your life that’s been there for a while. Whenever you find yourself missing the person, allow yourself some time to grieve for the relationship, but at the same time, find an activity that would distract you from your feelings. In time, you will find that they will be much easier to deal with, until they finally disappear altogether.

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