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Thirty Things That Make You Scream "Singlehood is Good!"

single is goodAlthough it's never fun being dumped, or even mutually agreeing to end a relationship, there is still something to say about being single...it's very freeing!

Of course, it's all in the way you view singlehood. One of the worst things about being single is that you don’t know that it won't last forever. However, if you knew for a fact that by the end of the year, or by six-months down the road, you will be in a relationship, would you be so distressed about being single? Probably not... you'd probably just relax and enjoy your singlehood. So go ahead and decide to give yourself and 'end-date'. tell yourself that you shouldn't worry or fret, because by _________ you will be in a very loving and fulfilling relationship with a super person.

Taking the time to enjoy your freedom and finding yourself will only make for a better and lasting relationship in the future. You want to be in a place where you are perfectly okay with yourself because love can come and go - and if it goes you won’t feel like most of you is leaving with it. The people who are the quickest to get over their breakup are those who don’t sit on their pity pot confirming their victim status. Those who don't feel the desperate need to run back to their exes; and those who instead try to better themselves and fix those parts of their lifes that they don't like. Don't make the mistake of thinking that having a partner is the sole purpose of your life, but rather think of having 'you' happy and healthy the sole purpose.

Great Things about Singledom:

* No Arguing; No Drama: No matter how “perfect” the relationship is everyone argues. But bad relationships have a way of fostering enormous arguments about the most minute of things.

*Financial Freedom: Your money - spend it your way!

*You Can Freely Talk to Members of the Opposite Sex Anytime, Anywhere: Most people find that the minute they get into a relationship that they are no longer allowed to talk to their friends of the opposite sex. Being single means that you can talk to or hang out with whoever you want, whenever you want.

*Be in Love With Yourself: You are finally free to be your own person and explore yourself without fear of being judged or shamed or ridiculed. You are now free to do what you want, when you want , and with whoever you want.  You can make brownies at 3 a.m. while listening to your favorite music and dressed in your favorite baggy sweats. Who cares; you are comfortable with yourself. You can do as you damned well please, and be your true self. You now have the freedom of answering only to yourself and not having to consider anyone else.

*More Room: Enjoy your big 'ol bed. Sprawl out on the couch. Use the whole bathroom counter for your stuff; and park in the middle of the garage.

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*Get Appreciated by Members of the Opposite Sex: Yep, that's right. As a partner we sometimes just 'expect' our mates to do things for us and show very little appreciation when they do. We feel that they somehow are just supposed to do this! But doing things for a new man or woman that you meet gets appreciated.

*An Open Market: You can now experience the excitement of finding the opposite sex attractive and acting on those feelings. You're free to flirt!

* Revitalize and Revamping Yourself: Open up to new things in life. A lot of people in relationships get 'lazy'. They stop doing exciting things, they stop learning new stuff, they stop exploring, and they become complacent and 'oversatisfied'. As if their sole purpose in life was to get a mate and now that they have reached that goal they simply stop living. There’s probably a good reason why you find yourself single right now and it’s your opportunity to learn more about yourself and life in general.

*No Need For Answers: The great thing about being single is not having to worry about your mate questioning you all the time. All of those restrictions they put on you; having to constantly compromise and consider someone else; and the endless policing and trust issues are gone.

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A Quick Rundown:

1. Less daily drama to deal with

2. Your friends don't feel as shut out of your life

3. You're free to flirt whenever you feel like it and with whomever you fancy

4. You gain back a sense of self-identity

5. You don't have to shave if you don't want to

6. Lots more fun at parties and clubs

7. You don't have to take ownership over another's moods or attitude

8. No nagging

9. You can gain or lose weight without caring

10. You are free to come and go as you want

11. You can control all the finances

12. More time for you, your life, your hobbies, your friends, your activities

13. You don't have to deal with another's quirks and bad or annoying habits

14. Your career can come first

15. You have to answer to no one

16. No gnawing suspicions to keep you up at night

17. You can whiz with the bathroom door open

18. Another's happiness is not your responsibility anymore

19. You can dance with whoever the hell you want to

20. You can hang with friends of the opposite sex without somebody getting angry or jealous

21. Who cares if your panties and bra don't match

22. Wear whatever the hell you want without worrying how you look

23. More minutes on your phone

24. Don't have to ask permission

25. Flip through the channels and put on something you like

26. Shower can wait

27. Sports on TV as much as you want

28. No need to buy gifts for Valentines Day, Sweetest Day, their birthdays, or anniversaries

29. You're free

30. Go ahead and fart!

Article brought to you by Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru

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