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Signs of Male Attraction

Signs of Male Attraction

signs of male attraction What are the some of the signs of male attraction to you, signs he likes you, or signs he is attracted to you? When a man is interested in you he gives off some very distinctive signs of male attraction! First off he will turn his body toward you. If you two are out with friends or acquaintances and you see that he is turned more toward you, wherever you are at, than away from you (facing some other direction or person) then that tells you that he is attracted to you. If he leans towards you this is a good indication that he wants to be closer to you.

Another thing he may do is touch you somehow, such as lay his hand on your back, or brush a piece of fuzz off of your sweater. Additionally, men tend to mirror the actions of someone that they are attracted to. One of the signs of male attraction to you is if he mimics your movements, hand gestures, or the way you are sitting or standing.

Men are not above appreciating the visual side of a woman, so looking at you may not mean too much. But if his eyes linger on you a little longer than normal, or if you find him frequently catching glances at you, this is one of the signs he's attracted to you. Flattery is another! Does he send you compliments, or does he joke around with you differently then he jokes around with others?

Some other signs of male attraction to you may be that he somehow always manages to be in the general area of where you are at. He may also make an attempt to be closer to you at parties or clubs, or in the same room you're in at the same time.

He may give you more attention than other people around him. This should tell you that he finds you more attractive than them. Does he really listen to you when you talk, showing interest in what you are saying, or does he tend to not listen very much, or seem bored, but polite? If he really likes to listen to you, he is interested in you and attracted to you.

He calls you, texts you, or sends you emails often. Especially, if he talks for more than ten minutes to you, or his messages are personal and not just mere forwarded jokes or other interesting tidbits of information.

Still more signs of male attraction are if he seems to be uncomfortable if you are talking to another guy, or he may ask you questions about the guys in your past.

He may also be there if you should ever need him, often dropping other things to do it, whereas someone who isn't really attracted to you may say that he has something he has to do.

male attraction signsStill some other signs of male attraction to you would be his demeanor when he is around you. Does he stutter, act nervous or anxious? This could tell you that he is attracted to you and therefore overly self-conscious of himself as he wants to make a good impression.

Still the best signs of male attraction to you is this: Does he look at you? I don't mean at you, yourself, eye-to-eye, but rather does he look at your hands? Your hair? Your cheeks? Your lips? Your feet? Men that are attracted to you will look at your 'features'. This is a sure sign of attraction. If he glances at your hands, or cheeks, or hair, etc., he definitely is falling under your spell!

We offer you these signs of male attraction in you. For more help visit Man Magnet: 101Tips: The Insider's Secret on How to Become a Man Magnet!, or The Aries Man, The Cancer Man, The Leo Man, The Sagittarius Man, The Taurus Man, and The Gemini Man for better attraction tips.

Article brought to you by Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru

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