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Revenge Ideas on Ex Boyfriend

Revenge Ideas on Ex Boyfriend

So you want some revenge ideas on ex boyfriend, huh? Wow, he must have hurt you something powerfully bad for you to need to resort to such immaturity. Do you think it will really make you feel better? Or do you think that it may only serve to make you look ugly, desperate, without class and dignity, and totally under his power?

Yes, we could place a bunch of revenge stories here. I mean, there are tons of them out there! But we know what the best revenge is, and we will tell you about it in a minute....but first...

revenge ideas on ex boyfriend

....let me tell you about you! Yes, YOU! Right now you are hurt beyond compare, right? Hurt! Outraged! Indignant! Feeling foolish! Fuming! Sad! And most likely obsessed with thoughts of him. Am I right?....

revenge ideas on (cheating) ex boyfriend

And do you know what those excessive thoughts and extreme emotions are doing to you right now? Keeping you attached - to him. Not a pretty picture is it? Yeah, sure the guys a pr*ck, but are you? No! You're an awesome person who didn't deserve to be on the receiving end of his callousness and shallowness.

We speak of revenge in our ebook, How to Get Over a Breakup. I am including an excerpt from that ebook here for you:


He's a dirty dog and you want to get revenge! She's a cheating, lying, thieving tramp and you could just explode! REVENGE!!!!!

You want to do any number of mean, sadistic things to them just to get even–just to kill that pain that they have caused you. Just to get back at them for all the shit they put you through! Well, then, here is a small list of revenge suggestions:

revenge ideas on ex boyfriend

Clean the underside of their toilet bowl with their toothbrush.

Sprinkle pepper on their stove burners.

Cut the crotch out of every one of his/her pairs of pants (one I seriously thought about doing when I discovered my ex had cheated on me! Oh argh, betrayal of trust hurts!).

Put in a change of address form for his/her address at the post office.

Add their address to every junk and porn mail mailing list you can find.

Pour sugar in their gas tank.

Superglue their keyholes (I had this done to ME!).

Report him/her to the IRS as needing an audit.

Have your ex's utilities disconnected.

Report them to the health department as spreading STD's.

Sprinkle nails in your ex's driveway.

Dump a truckload of garbage on your ex's front lawn, preferably horse manure.

Paint a penis and balls onto the side of his car with the caption "passenger needed".

Get your ex drunk and give them a Mohawk, shave off one eye brow, or half his mustache while they are passed out.

Place an unbelievably GREAT-deal classified ad in the local newspaper using your ex's phone number.

revenge ideas on ex boyfriend

How's that for starters? Would you do any of those–and if so, would you know what you are really doing? You are letting him/her think that he/she has enough power and control over you to make you resort to such insane, out-of-control measures, and risk being publicly humiliated–even possibly arrested and jailed! "Wow," they will be thinking, "my ex must really think I'm great to go through all this! Just look at my effect on them. I got their goat! I am da' greatest, yep, that's right–I am da' greatest!" Now I ask you–are those the words of a person who is going crazy with regret over losing you?! Of course not!

There is a person who, if they were having any doubts about the breakup at all, is now sure that they made the right decision in dumping your arse! What an ego boost you just gave them–to go to such extremes to prove to them how very much power, and control, they have over you, and how completely devastated you are without them. How much better they are than you. How they shouldn't need you, or miss you, because they are so great, and you're a totally worthless person without them by your side–how you don't have a life without them. If you do any of those things you are proving to your ex that you are a complete nothing, driven only by your obsessive need for them. You will look like a person completely lacking in class. Oh, argh! Was that really revenge? Or...

  • Did you just maybe kill any possibility of ever reuniting?

  • Did you just kill every possibility of walking away with your dignity and pride intact, and your head held high?

  • Did you just miss the opportunity to walk away showing very little concern for your ex and his/her life, and concentrate on getting on with your life, improving it, soaring in it, and showing your ex that they meant very little to you?

  • Did you just miss the ultimate revenge–living better and showing them that they–and the entire relationship–actually meant very little to you?!

  • Did you just miss the greatest opportunity to go on and improve your life, leaving him/her standing in your wake seething with regret?!

  • Did you just miss the ultimate revenge?


revenge ideas on ex boyfriend

Believe me it will drive your ex crazy to see that you are doing better without them, that you're the stronger one–the real winner in the battle–and that they weren't at all that important to you! And that, my dear, is the ultimate revenge!

So how do you achieve this ultimate revenge? How do you make them crazy with regret. Easy! Just get on with your life and make it better than theirs! Show apathy toward your ex and the relationship. Don't give your ex a second thought (exes hate this!).

"The greatest pleasure in life is in doing what
people say you cannot do."

Is not there a better revenge in building a better life, in soaring and excelling in who you are, in racing ahead and leaving your ex to cough in your dust?

revenge ideas on ex boyfriend

A little apathy on your part will make your ex feel like the relationship meant very little to you, and isn't that the best possible revenge? (The opposite of love isn't hate. It's apathy. APATHY is the BEST revenge! It will drive the ex more nuts than hate. Hate is at least an emotion and requires effort and energy on your part. If you can get to where you truly don't care about them, that's the opposite of love, and they won't like it one bit!)

So the greatest revenge act you can do right now is to show little apathy for him/her. And what better first-aid on your part to help your heart mend.

I know of many members of our Brokenheartsville (the original Circle of Hope) who have done just this. They displayed apathy towards both their ex and the relationship. They improved themselves and their standing in life. And then they have written me back and said, "Tigress, you were so right! He/She can't stand it. He/She wants me back, but now I don't want him/her. I'm so much happier now than I have ever been. Apathy works! Thank you so much..."

Oh, that one, simple, beautiful word. APATHY!

"Competition brings out the best in products,
and the worst in people."~~David Sarnoff

The Man Sucks - One Woman's Vent to an Abusive Ex

revenge ideas on ex boyfriend

We offered you these free revenge tips for revenge ideas on ex boyfriend, but how about instead of revenge, you read this reportHOW TO GET YOUR EX BOYFRIEND BACK

Article brought to you by Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru

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