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Breakup Grief and Meeting Someone New: Yes, you have to do both!

It was just two weeks ago that Katie took the long way home from work to have a few extra minutes to figure out just exactly how she was going to get her live-in boyfriend to move out of the apartment without taking the television that he had brought with him. I mean, if you're going to have no man around watching football, the TV becomes quite a useful commodity. There are reruns of Dharma and Greg to watch, shopping to be done on QVC, and nature documentaries to be awed by, right?

Well, now, here she was two weeks later, television-less and sitting across the table from Number Fourteen in the speed dating line. You know what speed dating is, right? Well, Katie didn't know until two nights ago when her girlfriends convinced her to give it a try. See, it works like this - you go to a bar (in this case DiNunzio's on the corner), along with about a hundred other desperados, and perch delicately on a chair behind a table. The men line up, single file as if they are in first grade and going potty, and then sit down and make small talk until the referee blows the two-minute whistle. Speed dating 101. "How bad could it be," they had said.

Number One seemed okay if you don't mind a little tiny drop of snot perched precariously at the corner of the nostril. Number Two was actually pretty handsome - if you don't mind being about thirty inches taller than your man. Number three had huge pit stains. Numbers four through seven? Hmm…nothing memorable there. Number eight, well, the picture of the woman with the whip that fell out if his wallet while showing off pictures of his two-year-old, was slightly troublesome. Well, what about Number Nine Katie? Surely Number Nine was handsome and charming? Well, yeah, and his wife probably thinks so, too. Now, sitting ever-so-briefly across from Fourteen, pudgy little Fourteen who is very excited about the Internet porn empire he is planning on building very soon, Katie can't help but laugh a little at herself.

That's it. Decision made. Football or not, television or not, she was going to call Mr. Live-in-Lover as soon as she got home. Wait…there he is…with a name proudly proclaiming Number Seventeen!

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