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Letting Go of a Relationship

letting go broken relationshipRelationships can bring happiness into our lives with more intimacy, higher self esteem, and increased confidence. But relationships can also wreak havoc by making us angry or even jealous. No one ever looks forward to a break up because it can lead to grief and hard feelings. Still, sometimes a relationship needs to end and our commitment to a boyfriend or girlfriend must come to an end.

It is always best to seek professional relationship advice when considering letting go of a partner, especially if the relationship is established and long term. Loneliness and depression are common side effects for the newly single. Here is some basic advice for dealing with your break up and avoiding unnecessary pain.

Initially, it is very important that you and your relationship partner discuss the terms of the break up to make letting go easier for both parties. It should be very clear why the relationship is ending and why the relationship did not work out. At the same time, avoid blaming either person at all cost. No one is entirely responsible for the problems in any relationship, so it's important to remind each other of your individual strengths as a boyfriend or girlfriend. Communication is a very important part of this process and will require a lot of sensitivity to make the letting go process easier.

Once you officially say goodbye and end the relationship, it's time to spend time alone thinking about your intimate experiences with your former boyfriend or girlfriend. You cannot expect to end one relationship and go jumping immediately into another right away. This is a very common mistake in the dating world and can often lead to even more heartache than you can expect from a typical breakup.

Instead of looking for the next Mr. or Ms. Right, spend more time with friends and family until much of the grief has passed. The time you need to spend away from a new relationship should depend upon the difficulty of the breakup and the emotional impact of the letting go process.

Once you have spent a fair amount of time outside of a relationship, you can begin thinking about how to begin dating again to enjoy the benefits of having an intimate partner and a healthy relationship. It's imperative that you wait until you have completely let go of the former partner to avoid bringing old problems or baggage into any new relationships. At this point, you should also be prepared to get very clear about what you expect in your new relationship and what you will do differently. You should have an idea of what traits any new relationship partner should have, too.

Relationships can be very complicated and difficult, especially when they end. If you learn to think of dating as a learning experience, you will get much more out of the experience with your boyfriend or girlfriend and find much more satisfaction from the overall process. Again, you may need to seek professional relationship advice if your situation is very sensitive.

In general, if you follow these basic steps for moving out of a bad relationship and into a healthy one, you will find more success than if you are too hasty or impulsive with letting go and starting over.

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