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I Think I'm Gonna Get Over This Breakup

My list of 20 things to do today:

1. Go on a shopping spree and buy lots of stuff. Max out my credit card on stuff I know I'll never wear/use/look at again.

2. Freak out.

3. Think about what new color/style I am going to change my hair to.

4. Contemplate shaving my head.

5. Cry and wail out loud.

6. Buy ice cream

7. Eat a gallon of ice cream.

8. Think about exercising or going to the gym.

9. Call in sick. Tell boss I have the Blue Flu. I'm so blue I'm physically ill. Or maybe it's from the gallon of ice cream.

10. Freak out.

11. Wonder what my ex is doing.

12. Wonder if my ex is wondering what I'm doing.

13. Maybe I'm just unlucky.

14. Freak out.

15. Put a movie in. Don't watch it.

16. Realize it's only 8 a.m. and I still have the rest of the day to fill.

17. Freak out.

18. Shave head.

19. Think of a valid reason for contacting my ex.

20. Kick myself in the ass for contacting my ex. Restart back at Number 1.

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