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IM Breaking Up With You

instant message breakupOne thing that people of both genders often do wrong when deciding to break up is that they make a big production out of it. They practice really long speeches in front of the mirror, and they try to recite it word for word over dinner that night. Usually, the end result is a glazed-over look in your soon-to-be-ex's eyes, and then you have to start all over again when the only reply to your clever repertoire is, "Huh?" Take it from me, the best plan for a breakup is a KISS - no, not a Mafia kiss of death - K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Stupid. And nowadays we have the best KISS tool ever invented; it's called instant messenger. Whether you have Yahoo's little smiley or AOL's instant communicator, or whatever, the point is the same. IM is the way to zap your significant other into the world of ex-dom. The best part may even be that there is no need to even remember how to spell. Try these on for size:

Bye Bye 4 evr.
It was fun. Now it's not.
U R killing me & I want 2 live, so c u ltr algtr.
Nanny nanny boo boo stick your head in doo doo.
I can't wait to wrap my arms around your neck AND SQUEEZE really hard.
U R now on my iggy list. Plz ignore me 2.
Adios Amigo

This is just a small sampling of little endearing IM's that can get your beloved off your back for good; of course, every situation is unique, so you probably have a really brief IM of your own. One really personal way to handle the breakup via IM is to take that lovey-dovey phrase you two used all the time - don't lie - everyone has one. Then, whatever that cutsey-wootsie phrase is, just IM it and the put in all CAPS - NOT!!

For example:

Eye Wub U - NOT
U R my honey bunny - NOT
Kissee kissee - NOT
Luvuhunny - NOT
UR my snookems 4evr - NOT

Get it? See how easy that is? Trust me, the IM breakup is the way to

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