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Maybe It's Not Madness: The Breakdown After the Breakup

crazy breakupIf you have wondered whether you are right in what you are doing or whether you have simply lost your mind, remember that everyone - absolutely everyone - understands that a little mental and emotional release is vital during and immediately following a breakup. It is to be expected, and if your ex girlfriend or ex-boyfriend doesn't understand that, or worse yet, insists you must be a psycho, there is no need to fret. The following is a list of the absolute real reasons you did what you did.

Sweetie, when you get out the baseball bat and take it to his truck, which he loves more than you anyway, never fear. He really can't see that well in the dark, anyway, so bashing in those headlights will keep him safely driving only while the sun is up.

Well, he didn't seem to want to leave his zipper up when you were together, so I am sure he won't mind at all when you take the scissors to the crotch of every pair of pants he owns.

You need to follow her everywhere she goes. Her tires look bald. What if she gets a flat?

Well, you really do need to tell his mother all about how he likes that kinky sex. After all, someone needs to convince him to see a shrink.

You kept telling him he needed a haircut, so he should have listened, but that Nair in his shampoo will work just as well. And just think how much easier it will be for him to find a new woman now that he finally doesn't have long hair anymore.

Putting all his stuff outside on the lawn will be almost like that camping trip he was always begging you to go on, so go ahead, toss everything from the upstairs window. Don' forget the TV and his Mickey Mouse underwear.

Even if you are not together any more, I am sure she will absolutely love getting all those gifts of sexy lingerie on her doorstep every week, and the flowers are a nice touch, too. You can never be too thoughtful.

See what I mean? Just because you are no longer together is no reason not to be considerate and help your former flame out with some of these very considerate behaviors. Trust me, your ex will never forget your kindnesses.

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