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How to Win Him Back

Free Tips on How to Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back

How to Win Him Back

We offer you these Free Tips on how to win him back. But first, think about this - do you really want to win him back?

My point? The relationship is broken for a reason, and deep down inside you probably know what that reason is. Some things are just broken and, no matter how badly you want to fix them, they are just not able to be fixed. fixing a broken relationship is usually one of those things that are better left broken. Your relationship is over, and, underneath all your denial, you know there is a good reason why it is broken.

But, if you are really intent on learning how to win him back, then by all means, go for it, and best wishes to you!


Make the effort to comprehend your ex boyfriend's perspective.

Take a good, long look at all the things that are happening in his life and try to recognize how the relationship may have not been fulfilling or advantageous for him.

By truly understanding that your ex boyfriend is not out to hurt you, but rather to find his own personal peace and happiness, may help you get through this painful event - and may help you on how to win him back. Too many women falsely believe that the cure to the pain caused by their breakup is to 'get back together with their ex boyfriend'. In actuality, the cure to their grief and their hurt is to understand and accept their ex boyfriend's choices to dissolve the relationship and to find forgiveness for their ex boyfriend for hurting them, and by learning to recognize their own grief triggers and working through them on their own.


Apathy does a very uncanny thing to your ex boyfriend. It makes him wonder why you don't appear to care that he is no longer in your life. Consequently, he will begin to feel quite alone, insignificant, and insecure without this acknowledgement of him from you, and this creates in him an emotional need to have you back in his life, or to regain your love and acceptance once more. Now think about this, isn't his rejection and apathy to you driving you crazy with a need to win him back?


Stop hauling your bitter-sad life story around with you everywhere you go. Studies find that happy, smiling women are considered far more desirable to the opposite sex. Think about it - are you drawn to depressed bitter people? No! And why would your ex boyfriend want to be around you if you are dragging your sack of issues with you every single time he sees you? By being beautiful both inside and out and by getting rid of negativity you create a certain radiance about you that is simply irresistible to him. Ironically, almost all people who broke off a relationship said that the underlying cause of the breakup was simply because the other party was too demanding, depressing, needy, or miserably unhappy all the time, creating a sense of unease and stress when they were around them. Their partners no longer brought them joy.

So paint a smile on your face and show them pearly whites! No matter how much you want to learn how to win him back or no matter how wretchedly unhappy you probably feel inside at this sad time in your life, try to put your grief, bitterness, and sadness aside and morph into that magnetic, radiant woman that just emanates optimism and attracts people to them like moths to a light.


Negative emotions run high during a breakup, especially when you try everything to get him back, and you don't know how to win him back. However, if you display anger, blame, shaming, or contempt you may just be reminding him of exactly why he chose to leave the relationship - and to leave you.

Remain neutral, calm and in control of your negative emotions. Display a true understanding, patience, charm, and sweetness. After all, you want him to see that there is quite a bit of value in being with you...


Cease all the ugly begging, sobbing, pleading, and blatant hopelessness. Don't phone him, send him Hallmarks, letters or emails, or any kind of instant or text message. It will not only make you look unworthy and make you feel pathetic, it will prove to him that you truly are of absolutely no value to him. If you show your ex boyfriend that you have no value without him, your ex boyfriend will only see that you, yourself, have 'zero' value period. You will only end up making yourself appear more unattractive in his eyes and push him even farther away from you then he already is. Why validate to him that his decision to end the relationship was the right one, after all?

Totally, completely and truly love you with all your might, heart, and soul. Your ex boyfriend will only love and respect you that much more if you truly love and respect you. If you want to know how to win him back the key to that answer lies in you being okay without him.


Exercise, change yourself for the better, improve your health, improve your outlook, improve your mind. Improve your attitude!

Be and look your best!

Then move on with this new you. Make him curious. Make him want to meet you all over again. This is how to win him back.

Remember, you ARE single again. So get out there and enjoy being free. There is a world of living waiting for you so have some fun!


Part of the strategy to grow yourself involves becoming a whole new and better person - one he wants to be with and one you feel good about. Once you have improved on you you want to captivate him back to you. To keep him captivated to you, you need to keep you hidden, obscure, and unrevealed to him. You need to keep some part of yourself forbidden territory - so completely off limits to him that he can only imagine what mysteries abound. Men are mesmerized by a woman's enchanting and bewitching mystery.

So, don't let the 'new-improved' you be an open book! Another way on how to win him back!


Women need to learn to be more feminine. The more feminine a woman is the more manly a man feels when he is with her - and the more he will want to be with her. Stop trying to match the opposite sex thinking that you are pleasing him that way and start getting back in touch with your true, feminine identity.

Women, for more help with this read ManMagnet.net


Whether you curl up in a ball and watch the world pass by or you get off your arse and join it, things are going to be exactly the way they are going to be. So you might as well enjoy life. It has the added benefit of making your ex boyfriend stand up and take notice of you again!


It's none of your business and will most likely hurt you - and your chances of reuniting. Don't ask your ex boyfriend's family or friends about him. Don't drive by his workplace. Don't give him your unsolicited advice or feedback.

Let him go and give him back to himself. You will be much more attractive this way, and you will feel much better, too. This is how to win him back!


As stated before, one's lack of respect in oneself is a very unattractive quality. Learn to respect yourself and do not hurt yourself by continuously placing yourself in hurtful situations. The only person you need in your life to feel good about you is you.


Although it may have come as a surprise to you when you suddenly found yourself 'single' again, relationships do not crumble overnight. You must learn to be patient, as regaining your love back is not going to happen overnight, either.


Remember the one who invests more in the relationship is the one who hurts the most and grieves the longest, but time truly does heal all wounds. As I always say, "one-hundred years from now it won't matter anyway".

We offered you these Free Tips on How to Win Him back - these tips pertain to most normal break ups, however your breakup may be unique and for this BETTER WIN HIM BACK TIPS ARE AVAILABLE AT 'HOW TO STOP A BREAKUP AND HOW TO WIN HIM BACK'

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These Free Tips on how to win him back were brought to you courtesy of Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru. author of 'How to Stop a Breakup'.

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