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Ex Boyfriend Poems

Ex Boyfriend Poems

Note: The ex boyfriend poems on this page are all from Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru, or from the websites Break Up Poems and Sad Love Poems. Please do not copy them. They are copyrighted and not for redistribution elsewhere. Thank you!

By Tigress Luv
(This poem has been put to music in a song. To hear the song visit www.myspace.com/sillyredwig)

Honey, is it true that we are through?
Exchanged our last "I Love You"?
Honey, if this is so and you must go,
I really, really want you to know
that I hope you...

....Spend the rest... the rest...
....the Rest In Peace...

I hope your car breaks down
in the bad part of town
I want to hear your ankle break
halfway up that mountain scape
And may your ship sink bow to stern
well over the brink of no return

Oh, Honey...
....Spend the rest... the rest...
....the Rest In Peace...

Yes, it must be true that we are through
Exchanged our last "Up Yours Too"
But for all the times we shared together..
Me with you (and you with whoever)
really, I hope you...

....Spend the rest... the rest...
....the Rest In Peace...

I pray that your car rolls over
or you get bowled over by a boulder
I want to see all your hair fall out
and your cracking feet fill with gout
And may you belly overflow
with painful cramps and gassy bloat

Oh, Honey...
....Spend the rest... the rest...
....the Rest In Peace...

Honey, I can't say I won't miss the way
you woke me up at 3 a.m. today
and all the laughter we did share
over your 'misplaced' underwear
really, I hope you...

....Spend the rest... the rest...
....the Rest In Peace...

and if you were to wed someday soon
I wish for you a bed of poison oak
and may you polyester tux be cranked-up so tight
that your sweaty jock itches all thru the night
and may your new wife's figure just grow and grow and grow
and all your children be born during Super Bowl

Oh, honey...
....Spend the rest... the rest...
....the Rest In Peace...

By Tigress Luv

By Tigress luv, The Broken Heart Guru

ex boyfriend poems

I Can Save You

You know I'm here to save you

Yet you keep pushing me away

You are lost in a sea of confusion

Drowning while the world watches - mocking

And I am your life boat

Just waiting for you to climb aboard

I can be strong enough for both of us

Just give me the chance

I can show you all that is good in the world

I can be your everything

I can even save you from yourself

Don't worry what they have to say

Just look into my eyes

And let me carry you away

ex boyfriend poems


You blame your exes for cheating
Call them 'whores'
But you weren't there for them
Everything was about 'you'
and nothing was about them

Who's the one that was really hurting?
And who's the one that
Betrayed the other?

Think about it

You suck

By Tigress Luv, The Broken Heart Guru

ex boyfriend poems

A Rich Cowgirl's Lament

By Tigress Luv

I bought the cowboy spurs
that just stomped all over my heart

I bought the cowboy boots
that just walked out on me

I bought the cowboy hat that just tipped at another
"how do, Ma'am"

I bought the pickup truck that's parked up there on Lover's Ridge
with some one other than me sitting next to you

I bought the Stetson cologne
that now lingers on her clothes

Yes, I bought the agony that I am now in
when I bought you

By Tigress Luv

ex boyfriend poems

All Ways, Always

By Tigress Luv

I'd take you all ways
I'd never nag
nor complain

about your ways

I'd take you
all ways
if you were to return to me

Never find fault
never find flaw
I'd take you as you were
as you are
and never again
want for more

All ways
If one more chance was given
to prove my acceptance of you
I'd take you

All Ways
As it should be
As it should have been

By Tigress Luv

ex boyfriend poems

You Took Me With You
When You Left

~by Tigress Luv

There was a time
when i could only see
through your eyes...


Then came the day
you went away
and i couldn't see me


Now time has passed
I have found me
I was wrong all along
I didn't need your eyes to see...


Other love has come and gone
and I have walked away
untouched, unmoved, deadened
my heart just couldn't see past ...


And now I wonder,
as my heart freezes cold,
was seeing me through your eyes
better than an eternity alone?


~by Tigress Luv

ex boyfriend poems

Too Much of You Inside of Me
By Tigress Luv

There's so much of you inside me
that I can't find any of me anymore
I know I'm in there
hiding in your shadow
too scared to expose myself

There is so much of you inside me
that I don't even know who I am any more
but I know who you are

There is so much of you inside of me
that I feel like you have two lives
and I have none
you have your life
and you have the life I give you with my heart and soul
but I don't give me any life anymore
because I can only find your life inside of me

Yes, there is so much of you inside of me
that there no longer is 'me'

By Tigress Luv, The Broken Heart Guru

ex boyfriend poems

Let's Runaway

By Tigress Luv

Let's runaway
back to a time
when life was simple
and you were mine

Let's runaway
from all this unrest
from hurtful words
pressures and stress

Let's runaway
and save ourselves
just you and I
and no one else

Let's runaway
from fancy stuff
from bills and bosses
that break us up

Let's runaway
please take my hand
travel back to a time
when love was grand

Let's runaway
be issue free
no ties to bind
to this society

Let's runaway
and love again
free from upset
as we did back then

Let's runaway

By Tigress Luv, The Broken Heart Guru
March 6, 2008

look past pain

ex boyfriend poems

Loss, Again

Don't you wish just one more time
You could see my eyes?
The window of the soul I've heard
The eyes in which I've cried
Blue and endless like the sea
The eyes you used to look at me

Carefully now I draw a breath
And in the air I feel
Your soul once rendered in my heart
with the body no longer there
The body that is lying down
Underneath the withered ground

The ground I lay flowers on every week
The flowers I hope you smell and keep
Please friend, open your eyes,
For mine have drained completely dry
Dry to the point I can no longer see
See the way that I should be

I dwell on memories, I miss what I knew
And what I remember and miss, is you.

ex boyfriend poems

The Art of Letting Go
by Consrael

It's over. He's gone.

Why do we have to part while
the love is still there?
Why do we have to suffer?
Why do we have to cry when
somebody bids goodbye?
Why do beginnings have an end?
Why do we have to meet
only to lose in the end?

There are questions left unanswered,
words left unsaid, letters left unread,
poems left undone, songs left unsung,
love left unexpressed,
promises left unfulfilled.

In a relationship,
one of the hardest things to do
is saying goodbye and letting go.
It is as hard as breaking a crystal
because you'll never know when you
will be able to pick up the pieces again.
More often than not, they who go,
feel not the pain of parting:
it is they who stay behind that suffer,
because they are left
with memories of a love
that was meant to be,
a love that was.

At the beginning and at the end
of a relationship,
we are embarrassed to find ourselves alone.
Unfair as it may seem,
but that's the way love goes.
That's the drama, the bittersweet
and the risk of falling in love.
After all, nothing is constant but change.
Everything will eventually come to its end
without us knowing when,
without us knowing how,
without us even knowing why.
And we must forget not because we have to
but because we have to.

In letting go, sorrows come
not as a single spy but in batallion.
It seems that everywhere you go,
everything you do,
every song you hear,
every turn of your head,
every move of your body,
every beat of your heart,
every blink of your eye and every breath
you take always reminds you of him.
It's like a stab of a knife,
a torture in the night.
Funny how the whole world
becomes depopulated
when only one person is missing.
Just imagine,
there are billion people on earth
and yet it seems you feel lonely
and empty without the other.

I don't know if it's worth calling an art,
but letting go entails
special skills sparkled
with a considerable space and time.
Time heals all wounds but it takes
a little push on our part.
Acceptance plays a part.
Not all love stories end with
"...and they live happily ever after."

Sometimes we have to part because of
circumstances beyond our control.
We have to suffer if it would
mean happiness for others.
We have to cry to
temporarily let go of the pains.
Every beginning has its end
like every dawn has its dusk.
It's something we can't control,
something we had to live up.

It's over.
He's gone. But life has to go on.
Goodbye doesn't always mean forever.
There will always be a place and time
where questions will be answered,
words will be spoken,
letters will be read,
poems will be recited in the night,
songs will be sung in harmony,
love will be expressed in solitude and
promises will be fulfilled.
Somewhere. Somehow. Someday.

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