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Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz #1

Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz

How can you tell if your ex still loves you? Simply ask yourself these questions in this quiz and be very honest with your answers. Do not put on rose-colored glasses in a vain effort to feel that the relationship can be rekindled.

Does your ex still willfully email you, text you, or contact you in any way (please do not take a 'necessary' contact as a willful one)? If your ex still loves you, misses you, or feels your absence strongly they will want to communicate with you on some level. Haven't you, yourself, thought up excuses to contact your ex?

Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz

Does your ex do things just to get your attention? Do they laugh loudly when you are around, or create some kind of ruckus that demands your attention?

If you run into your ex, do they make eye contact with you? If you run into your ex and they go out of their way to avoid you, ignore you, or vacate the situation and leave all together this is not a good sign. You could read that this means they love you, miss you, and it hurts them too deeply to be with you, but odds are that isn't the case.

If you and your ex were forced by circumstances to be together, alone, would they be nice to you? Would they avoid communicating with you? Would they be mean to you? Would you end up kissing, fighting, or feeling uncomfortable?

Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz, Continued below...

When and if your ex communicates with you is there an anger, insults, coldness, or apathy in their communication style? Or are they friendly and warm towards you? When you want to get someone back and still feel tons of love for them you are not going to be mean to them. If your ex flirts with you, or is dripping with sweet charm odds are they still love and miss you.

Who initiated the breakup? If your ex initiated the breakup odds are they do not want to be with you anymore. Take this time to work on bettering yourself and moving on to a new person who does want to be with you.

Does your ex inquire as to 'if' or 'who' you are dating? Does he question you or your friends on what you are doing or who you are seeing? Someone who does not love you and who does not care to be with you, also does not care what you are up to!

Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz

Does your ex's friends like you? Or are they suddenly cold and unfriendly towards you? If you haven't hurt your ex in anyway yet their friends are instantly turned off by you odds are your ex has had nothing positive to say about you. On the other hand, if your ex is loving you and pining away over you more than likely your ex's friends will be friendly towards you.

Does your ex keep things of yours? Sometimes an ex will hesitate giving you back your possessions as this is their way to keep you with them on some level and to keep a reason for contact open.

We offered you this free 'Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz' for you to see if there is a chance of getting back together with your ex - this quiz pertains to most normal break ups, however your breakup may be unique and for this BETTER TIPS ARE AVAILABLE AT 'HOW TO STOP A BREAKUP AND HOW TO GET THEM BACK'

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These Free Tips on how to get him back were brought to you courtesy of Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru. author of 'How to Stop a Breakup'.

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These Free Tips on how to get him back were brought to you courtesy of Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru, author of 'How to Stop a Breakup'.

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