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Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me

does boyfriend still love

If you are broken up it's hard to tell if your boyfriend still loves you, but it is likely that they do. Any relationship between two people becomes a familiar routine. You were each other's support buddy; you shared intimate moments, smiles and tears; and you each relied and depended on the other person to be there for them.

"Does my boyfriend still love me?" Unless he has mental issues, the answer is most likely yes: You just can't turn off love like you can a light! Love lives in our hearts and in our soul. Of course you can bury it, deny it, force it to not consume you, but it still will exist. Love is not a minor thing!

You also both formed the 'habit' of each other, and - as with any habit - you go through a sort of 'withdrawal' when you break it. Withdrawal from a partner makes your feelings of love intensified.

Of course, loving or missing you doesn't necessarily mean that he wants you back in his life. Even if he did, you still need to work on you and the issues that caused you to believe that you weren't lovable. Maybe also work on the relationship breakdown itself before you should even consider a reconciliation. There was a reason for the breakup, and odds are the relationship, or one of you, had to have some serious flaw to bring it to the point of breaking up.

"Does my boyfriend still love me? I feel like he hates me." You will find that love is stronger than hate, love endures where hate wears thin, and love is ageless where hate is temporary.

If you still ask this question, you should sit down and try to figure out what it could be about you that you fear is not worthy of his love. Take this time apart to work on you, and focus on bettering yourself. You can be lovable!

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