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How to Know if You are Involved with a Commitment-Phobe

People say all the time that men are often afraid of commitment, and it is true that there are lots of folks out there who are scared to settle down to one particular person or even thing in life. They want to keep their options open. They want to be eternal frat brothers. If you haven't yet experienced the commitment-phobic man and aren't sure how to sopt one, here is some helpful advice for you:

1) Your first fight results from your leaving your hairbrush on his bathroom counter. He tells you, "Your stuff belongs at your house." Yep, he may be a commitment phobe!
2) You decide to move in together, but he refuses to stop paying the $900 rent on his old condo across town. He does have commitmentphobia!
3) He refuses to let you get a dog, and in fact, won't even watch the neighbor's cat while he is away for the weekend.
4) He takes half an hour deciding what he wants for lunch. Steak is delicious, but a burger would really hit the spot, too.

5) He brings an extra tie to work, "just in case." You may be wondering, of course, in case of what? Don't bother to ask him because he will just stare at you as if you are from Mars.
6) "Paper or plastic?" results in his insistence that the cold items go in plastic and the dry goods go in paper.
7) He drinks his coffee hot in the morning, but gets iced coffee at noon.
8) He has a list of reasons why it actually makes better financial sense to lease a car rather than buy it. My guess? He has a fear of commitments!
9) He signs up for a support group, but is afraid to show up.
10) He gets the flu on the night you are supposed to have dinner with your mom - eight times in a row!
11) He refuses to watch a movie on television. Half-hour sitcoms are all he can handle.
12) He has two plants in his living room; one is plastic, the other is dead.

Never fear, ladies. The guys with commitment phobia won't be around long. Just when you start to realize you are with one, he will be gone. Sometimes life works out just right.

- Visit the Commitment-Phobia Website
- Help for those with a commitmentphobe

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