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A Candid Look at the Ex

Okay, a whole lot of us have been there. Despite our best efforts and our deep-rooted love for the other, we have been dumped. Of course, everyone knows that living well is the best revenge, but does eating a gallon of chunky monkey every night really count as living well? Tough call, I know, but probably not, at least not in the eyes of your ex. But I've got a surprise for you, fellow dumpees. Even if your particular dumper appears to be living well, he or she probably isn't as happy as he or she would like you to think. Here is what you need to remember:

· That blonde on his arm at the club is earning $50 an hour for her "time."

· That cruise she went on as a "celebration," was a pity gift from her sister.

· His dog running away and showing up at your door was no coincidence.

· He has not really decided to shave his head; the Nair you put in his shampoo really did the trick.

· That ring that has appeared on her finger came from a sailor - the one on the Cracker Jack box, to be exact.

· He may have taken the big screen TV with him, but he watches it all alone.

· See those big hands on your ex's new redheaded "girlfriend?" Need I say more?

· That hot sports car you have been seeing in her driveway is her father's midlife crisis showing.

· Those scratches you saw on his back the other day at the pool? They came from his cat, not his new pussy.

· Isn't that woman getting her chin waxed?? It is…it's her.

· Movies are better when no one keeps asking, "Now who is that again?" Really, believe me, they are.

So, next time you find yourself irritated that your ex seems to be living the life of royalty, never fear. Even Kings and Queens, wear a mask to a Halloween ball.

For further insight into your ex's mind please read this report on restoring a broken relationship or this report on getting over a breakup. Or you can join our breakup support community - the largest on the web!

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