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Breaking Up Warning Signs and Symptoms of a Breakup

Here Are Some Breaking Up Warning Signs

breakup signs Do you thing that your relationship may be breaking up? Are wondering what are some breaking up warning signs?

Either you or your partner may exhibit any of the following breaking up warning signs and relationship changes:

Breaking Up Warning Signs and Symptoms - Contact Between the Two of You:Contact between you and your partner diminishes. Your phone calls lessen in frequency or in length, the amount of text messages or emails drop off, and your time spent together becomes less and less.

Breaking Up Warning Signs -Mood Changes & Irritability:One or both partners may be edgy and are often in a bad or depressed mood. Little things about their partner may irritate them and they seem more touchy, sensitive, argumentive, and hypervigilent.

Breaking Up Warning Symptoms - Secretive: Is your partner suddenly very secretive about where they are going, or who they've been with? Do they whisper when speaking on the phone, or tell the party calling that they'll call them back? Do they hide their cell phone from you, or turn it off when they are with you?

Breakup Warning Signs - The Here & Now: Does one partner suddenly stop talking about the future, or limit your plans to 'today'. Does making plans for upcoming events suddenly stop? Do they speak of 'next Christmas', etc.? If they don't foresee you in their future, they will no longer be speaking to you as if you were.


Breaking Up Warning Signs - Separation or Absenteeism: Does one or both partners seem to be spending more time with friends, or visiting their family? Do you or your partner hide in hobbies, outside activities, clubs, or working more hours. Do you or your partner some how end up in separate rooms during the evening, or one of you spend more time than usual falling asleep on the couch? Do you plan separate weekend activities?

Breakup Warning Symptoms - Communication: Does one or both partners avoid in depth conversations, preferring to answer questions or inquiries with a quick 'yes' or 'no'? Does one or both partners get overly absorbed in a t.v. show, or book? Is the table quiet during meals, and the mornings spent with you or your partner's nose stuck in the newspaper?

Breaking Up Warning Signs - Criticism:  Does one or both partners suddenly seem over critical of the other, concentrating on the other's flaws or faults, or perceiving faults where there really isn't any? Does one or both partners exhibit 'delusions'; seeing things that are wrong with their partner or relationship, where in reality these really don't exist? Do you or your partner constantly find fault in the other?

Breakup Warning Symptoms - Intuitive:   Do you just have an 'unexplainable' feeling that there is something wrong with your partner, or the relationship? Do you 'sense' or have a 'gut-feeling' that something is amiss? Gut feelinsg are usually dead on right.

Breaking Up Warning Signs - Distant: Does one or both partners seem to be distant, distracted, or miles away in their thoughts? Is one or both partners daydreaming more than usual, or seem to be preoccupied?

Breaking Up Warning Signs - Sex: Has you sex life slowed down, or last its passion and intensity?

Breaking Up Warning Signs - Stopping the relationship from Breaking Up: Yes, it is so very possible to prevent the breakup from happening! For more information on stopping a breakup, click here.

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