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Breakups Are For Everyone

break up everyoneIt seems to be a part of our human condition that we search and search for that one particular soul mate - you know, the one and only we were meant to be with all the way through life? Then, wow, happiness is found when he/she comes along. Alas, that might happen twenty or thirty times at least, but just in case you thought you were the only one whose heart ever cried a mournful sigh over the loss of "the one," you need simply to read further to realize that breakups are for everyone, no matter who you are or what type you fit into. Check these out:

The hippie breakup: Like, wow, man, make love…somewhere else.
The surfer breakup: Hey Babe, like, surf's up…but I'm not, so go catch a wave, sweetie.
The jock breakup: Go out for a long one…and don't come back.
The jerk's breakup: It's not you…it's your face.
The movie star's breakup: Lights, camera…oh, you mean we have to turn the camera off?
The fast food breakup: Would you like fries with that to go order?
The magician's breakup: I must now retire…I am a failure; no matter what I do, I just can't make my wife disappear.
The math teacher's breakup: 5 - 4 = -1. You got it, get out negative one.
The science teacher's breakup: Our fusion has turned to fission.
The country singer's breakup: Don't forget to take your train, dog, truck, Jack Daniel's, and honky-tonk with you!
The English teacher's breakup: Not to be is the answer!
The porn star's breakup: Just f*** me already, would ya?
The pet lover's breakup: No, you can't pet my pussy anymore.
The preacher's breakup: God may have brought us together, but I am gonna put "us under."
The vacuum cleaner salesman's breakup: You suck!
The housewife's breakup: At least the bed will be easier to make now.
The super hero's breakup: I'm out of here...faster than a speeding bullet.
The fireman's breakup: I found another to hold my hose, so get off my pole.

So, you see, you are not alone. Everyone, no matter what walk of life they are from, has a special way of kicking that loser to the curb. Next time you are tempted to hang on a bit too long in the hopes that things will get better, just don't!

For further insight into your ex's mind please read this article on how to stop a breakup and how to get your ex back or this article on how to get over a breakup. If you need help with handling the rejection or abandonment please join our breakup support community - the largest on the web!

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