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Break Up Sad Love Poems

Break Up Sad Love Poems

We've borrowed these Break Up Sad Love Poems from our fellow site, Sad Love Poems and Quotes. Enjoy!

Restoring a Broken Relationship

Break Up Sad Love Poems #1


He wakes up with a knife in his fist,
he looks down
at the gashes in his wrist.

He smiles and laughs, and wipes up the blood,
but his eyes are gates
that hold back the flood.

He goes to school, and jokes with his friends
but deep in his soul
all he wants is an end.

So he goes to the bathroom, he says for a drink,
he turns on the faucet,
shoves his head in the sink.

He inhales the water with a grin from ear to ear
but the water tastes salty
from the flood of his tears.

He goes to the classroom and says he feels ill
he goes to the nurse
and tries too many pills.

And as he wanders around from place to hellish place
he knows, his body is an empty shell
with a fake smile on its face.

Tigress Luv, The Broken Heart Guru
Tigress is on FaceBook! You can subscribe to her at FaceBook's TigressLuv

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Break Up Sad Love Poems #2

Crying Inside
By Mellissa

The way that I’m feeling is hard to describe
I feel lost and alone in this unbearable life

My emotions are twisted, my stomach in knots
I wish there was something to erase my thoughts

I feel so desperately clingy I feel so free of heart
If you could please just kiss me that would be a great place to start

I do not like the feeling of not knowing how you feel
I don’t like looking in your eyes and seeing all my fears

I really feel so empty searching for the light
Maybe if you could please turn it on tonight

My head is all clouded my eyes full of tears
I can’t hold on to this feeling for years

I hope that is passes, maybe merely a phase
I am ready to be out of this daze

I am going to try to fake my smile
Maybe that will last for a while

It you think you see a smile on my face
Look a little deeper you’ll see I’m out of place

Maybe someday soon the sun will shine
Even through the bad you are always mine.

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Break Up Sad Love Poems #3


She closes her eyes and dreams of his touch.

And never thought she could feel so much.

Her mind drifts to a mid-summers moon.

Where she patiently waits, for love to unfold.

More precious than diamonds or gold.

He has no idea the treasure he holds.

Her heart in his hands, she waits alone

Written by Wildblueangel35f 08-29-06

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Break Up Sad Love Poems #4

Falling With The Rain

Watching my life

from the outside

a mirrored reflection

into my eyes

I cannot believe it

this cannot be me

I'm the one who always smile

so happy-go-lucky

My blue skies

invaded by black

the eve of a storm

of a massive attack

my life on a string

floating in the breeze

when the wind stops

i'll finally be free

but it's so hard

and I just cant wait

I can barely breathe

and I'm hardly awake

the storm is so strong

I cannot restrain

I'm losing my grip

so I'll just fall with the rain

By Alyson D.

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Break Up Sad Love Poems #5


When your all alone
With no one to run to
And no where to hide
Not anyone to talk to,
not even on the phone
What do you do?
Your on a roller coaster ride

You feel so sick inside
You don't know what to do
You just want to curl up
into a ball
Everything has died
You have lost the one person
you want to be with, too
You just want to fall

To get it over with
If you can't be with the one
you love
Why be here to not be happy?
So you drink a fifth
You want to go above
Everything is so sappy

What are you going to do
Your heart belongs to him
Does he not realize it?
He doesn't think you've changed,
that's nothing new
So now your life is very dim
You take a big hit

You know it's over, it's the end
At least for right now
Hopefully, your heart will soon mend
You don't know how
But, hopefully soon it will
If you don't get back together you
hope and pray, you can at least
be friends forever

Even though you love him and that's
how you'll always feel
You wish you had a do over
A second chance
Maybe then he will realize that you
have changed
And you do love him with all of your heart

Written By: Heather C.

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Break Up Sad Love Poems

By Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru

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