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Breakup Relief

breakup reliefAs Sarah lounged back casually against the yellow and green flowered cushion poised so delicately on the wrought iron chairs at the outdoor café, the steam curled is way up toward her peaceful face and tickled her nose. Gazing down, beyond the heavy porcelain cup and toward her new Gucci shoes, she admired her own legs confidently. Long and tan, not much cellulite - at least not that is visible when clothed, anyway - and looking trim and fit, she wondered why on earth old what's-his-name never gave her gams proper adoration. Everyone else did; in fact, she had once laid claim to the title Miss Savannah legs and grown men and boys alike had donated a dollar a flash to charity just to have their picture taken with her and her gorgeous legs.

Unlike what's-his-name, ten years after the title went to another leggy blonde, other men - the ones with women on their arms -- right this instant cast quick glances at the shoes and followed the curve of her legs all the way up to her tasteful, knee-length skirt. And the younger ones who were at least momentarily unattached didn't bother to look away quickly. Their glances lingered. At first, she tried to hide her little Johnson & Johnson white adhesive that peeked out of the side of her sandal, thinking it detracted from the overall put-together look she had spent a whole twenty minutes obtaining before heading out this morning. But then, not really worried about it anymore, she stretched out and got really comfortable at the little al fresco coffeehouse, and even thought her long legs kind of blocked the pathway between the tables, she was sure no one minded the extra second it took for her to politely bend her knees and bring her tootsies back under the table.

stop a breakup

Every once in a blue moon, though, she wondered silently if any of them were wondering about that little bit if tape holding her two little toes together. Did they know that doctors can't really fix a broken toe? The emergency room intern told her so, saying, "Well, Sarah, I'm glad you kicked him to the curb, but your toe will just have to heal on its own." Heal after kicking the heel? Get it? She and the tired doc had a chuckle over the thought earlier, and now Sarah laughed to herself, swished back her hair nonchalantly, and sipped the cappuccino.

Breakup Grief -vs- Over It and Moved On

Breakup Grief
REMORSE: All of a sudden noticing that your ex was wonderful and being in awe that they were so good-looking, funny, witty, smart, and a great catch.

Over It and Moved On
RELIEF: All of a sudden noticing that your ex is an idiot and being in awe that you ever thought they were good-looking, funny, witty, smart, or a great catch.

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