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Break Up Letters to Boyfriend

Break Up Letters to Boyfriend

We've borrowed these Break Up Letters to Boyfriend from our fellow site, Breakup Letter. Enjoy!

How to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Break Up Letters to Boyfriend #1


You are such a worthless, lazy, good for nothing slob. I'm so sick of you that I can barely come home at night. I'm through. I'm tired of picking up your dirty clothes off of the floor and making you dinner every night for you to just sit there and contribute nothing.

We used to be a great team but ever since you lost your job things have only gotten worse and worse. First, you stopped paying attention to me. Then, you stopped playing with the kids. Now all you ever do is play video games and watch TV. What happened to the days when we worked side by side as a team? Don't you miss them? Do you ever miss working in the garden together? We haven't even had one for three years because I can't get you to plow it up.

I know that you have been through a hard time and I'm not trying to be insensitive to that. I just feel like you've given up. I mean you've had plenty of opportunity to pick yourself back up off of the ground and get started again. I'm not even talking about a job here. Yes, it bothers me that you are not working but I wouldn't leave you over it. I'm leaving because you don't contribute anything anymore and you actually make my life harder.

Just like yesterday. I came home after working 12 hours. I was exhausted. I'm not even going to bring up the point that I wouldn't be working 12 hours if you had a job. But anyway, I came home. The house was a mess. I made dinner, did two loads of laundry, did the dishes, gave the kids baths and helped them with their homework. When I finally got to sit down I fell asleep in the living room chair. THAT'S where I woke up at 3 a.m.

Okay, now let's talk about your night last night. When I came home, you were playing video games. You ate your dinner in front of the TV while me and the kids ate in the dining room. You said maybe one or two words to me the whole night and those were mostly to let me know that I was blocking your precious view of the game. You never bothered to lift a finger. You watched me lug that heavy laundry up and down the stairs and never even got up to help. Then you went to bed and left me laying there.

I can't even remember the last time you kissed me goodnight let alone the last time we made love. I just can't live like this anymore. I deserve so much better. I deserve to be loved. The kids deserve better. They deserve a father who will go out and play ball with them in the yard. They deserve a role model. I'm sorry, Jim, it's over.


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Break Up Letters to Boyfriend #2

Dear Jason

It is time for us to break up because I can't take your possessive jealousy anymore. You are unable to trust me despite the fact I have never given you a reason for mistrust. You are continuously questioning me when I come back home, from work or just a simple trip to the store.

You go through all my drawers. I do not know what you expect to find but I deserve some privacy and would never dream of doing this to you. You know that I care about you but I just cannot get you to understand that I am not doing anything to make you feel this way.

You tap into my email listen in on my phone calls. What are you trying to find? You know I have always been faithful to you and wanted us to bond. But you are not giving us a chance. Your mistrust of me has destroyed our relationship and I don't see that you can or will change. Rather than fighting a losing battle with you I would rather quit this relationship and break up. I know it will be better for us both after the break and we can stop torturing each other and move on.

You watch me like a hawk even when we are together. How can we enjoy a romantic dinner when all you can think of is if I am looking at some other guy? Why can't you just enjoy our relationship without suspecting my every move? I take you as you are and have never questioned your integrity there is just no reason that you cannot do the same for me.

I need my space and you are just suffocating me with your obsessive behavior. If you are just unable to trust me then we are through. A relationship is based on trust and you are unable to give me this. I don't want to discuss this further because I am tired of explaining my innocence to you. We need to break up and go our separate ways. We need to end this misery for us both.

I hope you will be able to understand and will not get hurt by this but you know deep down that we cannot go on in this way. We are just hurting each other too much. I know that you do not want to hurt me and believe that you are doing this because you care about me but we cannot continue a relationship like this. So let's part as friends and move on with our lives.


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Break Up Letters to Boyfriend #3


I am fine. THANKS for asking. So i figured it's probably best not to text you again. Haven't heard from you so figured you can't now since you're back with Kristin. So thought well i will try here and hope it doesn't cause you any grief. So i hope you are ok now.

Well didn't mean to cry to you on the phone again the other day. I can't help it. You get so aggravated with me when i do. I don't know why.

I understand that you're not done there. I just don't see why you think that one time with me and its awkward means theres no hope. We have been thru more hard times then you and Kristin have. And you two only been together 3 months. I didn't expect it to be the same. I also didn't expect you to be calling her. Yeah that did hurt...but you know what can I do? Still i felt for you when you cryed. And i would have done anything to make you feel better.

All i want to say is that i know it takes time. A few times or more to be around someone and feel no tension. Alot with me was I wasnt being myself cause i knew i hurt you and I had it on my mind so i was quiet and i wanted to hold you closer to me but didn't want you to pull away or think I wanted sex. I also thought it was nice not saying anything and just laying there. No words. And i thought you weren't feeling good.

Anyway beside all that. All I have ever wanted since we been aprt is a chance to date you. Just once in a while even. I have never had a chance without Kristin there. Or talking about her or whoever i am talking to. I want a real date where we talk about our lives and just start over. might be little different but all those other things will come back when we are more comfortable with each other and they are things about us that we cant change so i know they are there. So i do think we can rekindle. But we both have to have our minds on it.

Here is what I think or feel that you are feeling right now. Right or wrong so be it. Just letting you know what i think about when i am missing you. Loving you.

Ok here is Kristin..She came at a good time. When you had been hurt so much that you felt you couldn't go on. You didn't plan it but you couldn't turn it away. When someone was there who wanted you. Looked out for you. Held you. Had not hurt you.

So you take it. Hold onto it and fall in love. Maybe not IN love. But it feels good and you do care and have strong feeling for her. You can't turn someone away you love and need. Who has done nothing to hurt you like you have been hurt in the past so may time. She makes you laugh. The kids laugh. Makes the kids happy and when you're with her you forget and you're happy.

And here is me. The girl you loved so much. Did everything for but she has hurt you. May times over and you don't understand why or how she could do it. So it is hard for you to believe she really loves you or be able to trust her again. You say you don't need her. That she can walk out and you don't feel the need to say" wait, please don't go. I need you here. I love you" cause so much hurt has happened that that feeling is no longer there. Even though only a month ago you begged her. But she didn't come running. But how has that changed that feeling inside of you? Yeah made you think she didn't love you. But how could it change everything in your heart for her.

So there is her. And here is me. There is no way I could win your heart. Nope..Doesnt look good for me.. You already think you know me. You been with me years and you still hurt and also you know i am here. Waiting on you.


How to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Article brought to you by Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru

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