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The No Communication Breakup

no communication breakup

The No Communication Breakup

The no communication breakup is the best kind. It can also be the worst kind.

A no communication breakup can be hard on the one who didn't want to breakup, but also it may be to their advantage because often no communication is the very key thing that brings your ex back to you. How can someone miss you and find value in you if you are constantly chasing after them begging them to take you back?

The no communication breakup can also be the worst for those who miss their mates and the friendship that those two once shared. If your ex-partner was your strength, who can you lean on in these, the most trying moments of your life?

Although a no communication breakup may be the best thing in that it allows both parties to heal and move past the grief, it also is very difficult to deal with. Yes, you do heal faster and learn to let go and get on with your life when there isn't that obstacle of having run into, or talked with, your ex; which usually only brings the brokenhearted one right back to square one.

Once a safe period of time has passed and you both feel free from the grief, longing, sadness, anger, jealousy, and all the other emotions that come with a breakup, it will be okay to reopen the lines of communication and perhaps re-establish a friendship.

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